Would you like a website that:

  • YOU can CUSTOMIZE with your logo, pictures and information?

  • a website so easy that it requires absolutely NO WORK on your part – simply tell someone what you want and it’s done?

  • a website with NO ADVERTISING for other companies or competing businesses?

While other places may offer to “set up your own website for FREE”, they always come with hidden costs, including:

Timeunless you’ve built dozens of websites using a free website service, you’ll be learning as you go, so a safe estimate would be 10-25 hours of set-up time. And unless you’re already familiar with terms such as “hyperlink protocol”, “resolution”, “HTML”, “bandwidth”  and “DNS pointing”, your learning curve will be even steeper.

Stressalong with your time comes the stress of going at a new project alone. While “free” website services may offer “support”, you’ll find it’s in the form of forums and FAQs – not an actual person managing your project or offering you personal instruction or guidance.

Adsfree websites aren’t free – they’ll run advertising (either for themselves or for your competitors). If you truly want “free” you’ll have to pay – generally between $15-$30 per month simply to get rid of the ads that are probably doing more harm than good.

However, we have been developing websites for businesses for over 10 years, for a low price, with no stress and everything done for you, completely ad free! For just

$99 per month

You can have a website for your business, customized with your logo, pictures and information, with absolutely No work on your part. And after the first year, your price drops to just $49 per month. Just sign-up today, and we’ll have your website ready in just days!

How will you get your information to us? It’s as easy as:

  • calling to discuss your project and preferences
  • texting pictures from your phone
  • filling out the online form with questions and choices

We also accept emails, faxes, even letters in envelopes with stamps!

What will your website look like?

Take a look at our Sample Websites tab, and you will see countless samples by industry. If you see something you like – or perhaps elements of a few different samples – just let us know. Also, if you know of a site online you’d like to show us – great! – just send the link and we’ll take a look and incorporate the elements that appeal to you from that site.

Can’t think of what to say on your website?

We can help! We’ve worked with hundreds of clients in a wide variety of industries, and can supply you with the types of text you require which will be customized to your particular needs.

CLICK HERE to view samples to choose from, or CLICK HERE if you are ready to get started.

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